Throughout my career, I have interviewed hundreds of candidates when building teams to support product development. Headhunting agencies have always fallen short in terms of providing a true cultural and technical fit. I started Carbonado to help businesses find the right match for the job on an accelerated timeline and to help candidates find a perfect fit where they can explore their full potential.

– Tufail Khan, Founder & CEO

A:   Both! We’ll find a great fit for your company’s culture no matter your needs.

A: Yes; there is no cost to join, begin testing, or to find your next role.

A:   Not even close. We’re hands-on technical leaders who aim to disrupt lazy, keyword searching for hire.

All the perks of hiring a Carbonado with additional flexibility.

Employment Screening
The best person for the job, without snags or caveats.

Simplified W2 handling and payroll processing.

Carbonados receive a full suite of benefits. That’s smiles all around.